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Financial Planning   

Financial planning is an interactive process at Integrated Wealth Advisors. Our tools enable us to work out solutions in an interactive program to make projections and adjustments as needs and goals change. Once in place, its simply a matter of entering personal changes to review and update progress.

The charge for a basic financial plan is $250. More complicated plans are quoted based on needs. 

‚ÄčFinancial planning is offered free of charge in clients with $1,000,000 or more in assets under management.

Assets Under Management               Annual Fee*

$0-100,000                                                                            2.00%

$100,001-250,000                                                                 1.50%

$250,001-500,000                                                                 1.25%

$500,001-1,000,000                                                              1.00%

$1,000,000 and up                                                             Negotiable

*The annual fee is based on assets under management at the beginning of the billing cycle (quarterly). If there is assets during a billing cycle, adjustments will be made to initial charges.