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Returns of 15% are not typical and not representative of returns made by Integrated Wealth Advisors. Returns vary by investor based on risk, asset allocation, and market performance. This example indicates the potential of a successful investment program only and in no implies any type of guarantee of investment return.

Managing wealth is one of the greatest challengers face with, in many cases, very little thought or attention. One would think that, with all of the cable programs, financial websites, and investor education distributed with retirement plans we would be a very "investor savvy" nation. This is certainly not true today as we have hundreds of investment companies, investment products, and investment advisors, each with their own views and ideas. Most are best served by using a professional advisor with the training and experience to guide them through today's financial jungle. 

One big drain on investment return is the costs associated with investment management. Though fees are mentioned often, most investors are simply not aware of the costs of their investment programs. A typical variable annuity has costs that approach 5% a year. It takes some pretty strong investment performance to override those costs! As a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, Integrated Wealth Advisors does not charge commissions on investments. The only cost, a cost that is easy to see and understand is the management fee for choosing investment vehicles. 

This brings us to a wealth management problem many experience but seem to be unaware of a reasonable solution. This has to do with the amount of attention one receives as a client of the typical investment advisor. I always tell clients to ask two questions when interviewing advisors: 1. How many clients do you have? 2. What is your minimum account size for each client. Considering #1, if an advisor has 250 clients under his direction, one has to consider if he or she has the time to really pay attention to your unique situation. There are only 365 days in a year. If you subtract Saturdays and Sundays, the advisor only has 261 days of office time. Take out two weeks of vacation and the days become 245. Now the advisor has more clients that days worked. At Integrated Wealth Advisors, our client base is limited to 100 per advisor. Each client is contacted by phone once a month. Every third month (quarterly) we preform a comprehensive performance review. We like to meet with clients at least twice a year. Portfolios are subject to regular monitoring for adherence to guidelines set out in our initial meetings.

Most create wealth through a business, a long-term career in a 401(k) plan, an inheritance, or other means. We are often asked if it is possible to create wealth through the stock market like investing legends Warren Buffett, John Templeton, or Peter Lynch. 

It is certainly possible to create wealth in the stock market, but it takes research and discipline. Even if you are able to beat the stock market averages over long-periods of time, a return of 15% for example will double your investment base every five years. This can be very profitable if one starts with $5000 and makes 15% per year on his money over 10 years, he would accumulate $20,227. Over 15 years, that would grow to $40,685. And, over 20 years that would be an astounding $81,832! Although 15% is achievable, most professional investors do not make returns that high, but many average 10% or more on a consistent basis over long periods of time. 

If one were to use the example in the above paragraph and add $250 a month to the investment, the 10 year amount is $46,603, the 15 year total is $120,345, and the 20-year total becomes $275,732. 

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